Being a small studio means we’re close-knit. It also means we value vision over titles. Everything we do is through a collective lens that combines the best efforts and strengths of every artist in our studio. Please, allow us to introduce ourselves.

(Tap the photos to see them come to life.)

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Sean Conner
Creative Director
Michael Stephens
front-end developer/GAME DESIGNER
Rainer Ziehm
Andrew Mark
director of animation
Scott Ulliman
Art Director
Tina May
Finance Director
Lexi White
3D Artist
Sara Santillan
Lead Project Manager
Nick Sanderson
Lead Developer
Nate Reese
Creative Director


We’re a place where design and motion fit together seamlessly to tell one story. 
A studio comprised of artists that design, animate, illustrate, code, develop, direct, photograph, and create. We do what we do because we love it:  collaborating with agencies and brands to make something truly unique and awesome.

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Agencies & Brands

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. Our clients are brands, advertising agencies and film directors. They are non-profits, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and production companies. Sometimes just one person with an idea and a dream. Moreover our clients and partners all have one thing in common: a problem worth solving. By using design and technology we help them find a solution.